Sinclair@Home combines registered nurse (RN) care coordination and sensor technology to keep you safe and independent at home. The RN care coordinator develops an individualized plan to help you meet your health goals and maintain your independence. Sensors detect changes in your health status and alerts are sent to the RN care coordinator so your wellness plan may be adjusted accordingly.

Discrete, privacy-protecting sensors are installed into areas of your home that are most likely to catch adverse health and safety events before they occur. There is nothing for you to wear or do-no buttons that need to be pushed.

Fall risk and motion sensors are placed in highly used areas of your home so that changes in your normal routine that may be a health decline may automatically be detected.


Research has shown that the sensor network can automatically pick up changes in your health 10 to 14 days before a health event occurs.

Alerts are generated when a change in activity level is detected and are sent to you, a person you designate (family member or friend), and the registered nurse (RN) care coordinator.

The fall sensor will detect a fall at the time it occurs, and send an alert to the person you have designated as well as the Care Coordinator.

Research has shown that alerts from sensors combined with RN care coordination improved the time residents were able to remain in one Mid-Missouri senior living facility.

Sinclair@Home is a service of Sinclair Home Care of the Sinclair School of Nursing at the University of Missouri

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